Some Kind of Hate

2015 1080p 1h 22m 231

When a troubled teen is subjected to severe bullying, he accidentally conjures the vengeful ghost of Moira Karp. Once a teenage girl pushed to suicide, Moira is now an unstoppable force on a mission of gruesome retribution. But when she goes to far, he must prevent her from spiraling out of control in this passionate and vividly violent supernatural thriller.

Director: Adam Egypt Mortimer, Barbara Abelar, Daniel Ringey

Genre: Fantasy, Horror

Cast: Andrew Bryniarski, Anthony Omari, Audrey Ellis Fox, Brando Eaton, Brian Patrick Reynolds, Brittany Riley, Drew Klopfer, Eryn Rea, Grace Phipps, Imani Hakim, Jasper Polish, Jeremy Hawkins

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